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Our picks for Aug. 3 primary

July 28, 2010

On Tuesday, Aug. 3, Oxford and Addison voters will trek to the polls to make decisions that will affect their community, their county and their state.

The upcoming ballot offers voters many choices.

Based on what we know, here are our picks:

For the Oakland County Board of Commissioners District #1 seat, we urge voters to pick Republican James Porritt, Jr.

A life-long resident of the area (grew up in has a business in Lake Orion, and lives in Oxford), we beleive Porritt has what it takes to make sure the locals up here in the northern limits of Oakland County are well represented. We believe, too, as an attorney dealing primarily in real estate, he has first hand experience in dealing with hardships regular people are coping with -- namely trying to keep their homes. We also respect his involvement in local volunterism.

For the 12th District seat in the Michigan Senate, our pick is Republican Kim Russell.

As the owner of a small manufacturing company and a member of the Rochester City Council, Russell understands the way both business and government work.

She favors repealing the Michigan Business Tax 22 percent surcharge and making Michigan a right-to-work state two things that should definitely make the state more business-friendly. She also favors aligning school employee benefits with the private sector, something that's definitely taxpayer-friendly and student-friendly.

For the 46th District seat in the Michigan House of Representatives, our pick is Republican Bradford Jacobsen.

As a longtime Oxford resident and Lake Orion small business owner, Jacobsen knows the area and its people very well.

He knows the only way to stimulate the Michigan economy is through immediate tax cuts and immediate spending cuts.

Jacobsen himself said it best "We cannot continue to spend what we don't have hoping that the dollars will magically appear."