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We say 'yes' to fire and police in Addison Twp.

July 28, 2010

Addison voters will be asked some taxing questions on the Aug. 3 primary ballot.

Specifically, do they wish to renew their 3.4874-mill police tax and slightly increase one of their fire taxes from 0.7371 mill to 0.75 mill.

The four-year police millage is a no-brainer. It's a straight renewal, no increase. Who could be against that?

The Oakland County Sheriff's Department continues to do a fine job protecting the Addison and Leonard. No complaints there.

We have absolutely no reservations about encouraging Addison voters to say YES to their police millage.

With regard to the eight-year fire millage, normally with the way the economy is right now, we'd be encouraging people to vote 'no' on any and all tax increases.

But let's face it, the requested increase of 0.0129 mill which works out to 1.3 cents for every $1,000 of a property's taxable value is so very, very tiny, we can't say no.

If voters okay the increase, they'll basically be bringing the millage rate back up to the amount they originally approved.

Over the years, the Addison Township Fire Department has done an excellent job of managing its money efficiently and providing top-notch service.

No one can accuse it of being extravagant or wasteful.

We can honestly say it's probably one of the best-run rural fire departments in the state.

Given this, we feel comfortable urging Addison voters to say YES to their fire millage. CJC