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Township toddler reported standing in Baldwin Road

September 22, 2010

On Sept. 15, a Brandon deputy responded to the 300 block of Baldwin Road after a toddler was found in the road.

The complainant said she found a toddler boy in diapers standing on Baldwin Road near Seymour Lake Road with traffic stopping and going around him. She stopped to help the toddler and went to a nearby home and knocked on the door for some time before a woman identified as the 2-year-old's mother answered the door. The woman said she was in the basement and didn't hear the knocking and was not aware her son had gone outside.

The mother told the deputy her son is able to unlock the front door and the deadbolt and leave the house. She said usually she and her husband secure the doors with a bungee cord. She and her husband's bedroom is in the basement and she said she is usually in the basement. Her four children (age 5 and under) have the main floor bedrooms. While the deputy was talking to the mother, the toddler walked out of the kitchen with a bottle of cleaning material and a 1-year-old child placed his head in a hole in the curtains, wrapped it around his neck and twirled.

The Department of Human Services was contacted.