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Our picks for Tuesday’s vote

October 27, 2010

In this Tuesday's election, we recommend John Shrei for Clarkston Board of Education. For Clarkston City Council, we support Peg Roth, Charles Inabnit, and Mike Sabol.

The school board election, the first since the former superintendent left, is crucial.

Superintendent Dr. Rod Rock may not be the one to air out district finances as they need to be. He told us emphatically his job is all about the kids. Perhaps this is as it should be. But this underscores the importance of the Board of Education in the quest for reform. John Schrei says he is commited to restoring trust in the district – we will hold him to that.

For city council, we commend all five candidates for getting involved. We appreciate Richard Bisio's analytical talent, and hope he contributes them to the city if voted in or not.

But we view Sabol as being more decisive, with a more specific plan of action.

Charles Inabnit is on record putting taxpayers first, opposing an $8,205 lawn tractor, calling out the council for removing DPW logs from city council packets, and voting to cut funding for extras such as police motorcycles and new tree plantings in the park.

We're impressed with Peg Roth's business experience and her emphasis on downtown, founding and working with Clarkston Retailers Group,

She brings a business perspective on the council, and isn't afraid to talk to residents about issues such as August's millage proposal, finding people didn't want more taxes. –PMC