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Vej-eter-eian: old Indian word for bad hunter

December 01, 2010

Dear Editor,

(In response to, 'Man should cherish the animals,' The Citizen, Nov. 6, page 6):

In my dictionary the word cherish is defined: to hold dear, to treat tenderly, nurture, to harbor in mind.

When I am hunting or cutting up the deer that I have harvested to feed my friends and family, I think of all these things. I harbor in mind daily of the upcoming hunting season and all the things the Lord has blessed me with over the years. Hunting is a sport that is enjoyed by thousands of men, women, and young kids in Michigan alone. Hunting has been practiced since caveman days. I feel lucky the government that we exist under hasn't passed a law outlawing hunting. When I go into our local supermarket, I go through the produce section and the next section is lunch meats, then cold cuts in the big display case and then the long section with all the different kinds of meat products. All over the world farmers raise cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and other types of animals for one reason: to feed the population of the world.

An animal in the woods is no different than the animal that is raised in pens, except the ones that live in the wild are almost fat free and are super low in cholesterol. If anyone can say that they have never eaten meat from an animal, they are a liar and we all know where liars end up. In that nice, warm place down below where most politicians go.

I have never read anything in the Bible that states we shouldn't eat meat or harvest animals to feed our families. Here are a few of my own favorite quotes: "There is a place for animals: right next to the potatoes and gravy," "I don't shoot any innocent looking animals, only the ones that look guilty," "I didn't climb to the top of the food chain to become a vegetarian,""Vej-eter-eian- an old Indian word for bad hunter."

As I stated earlier, hunting is enjoyed by millions of people of all ages all over the world and if it wasn't for hunters and trappers keeping the animal population down we would not be able to drive our cars down the highways.

The Citizen is still, and has always been, a quality newspaper and I think that Editor David Fleet and his staff do a super job on publishing it. Keep up the good work.

To all you hunters heading out to the woods, it's what God put it there for.

Ken Davis, Sr.