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Letters to Santa Claus: Reid Elementary second grade class

December 15, 2010

Front from left: Emily, Jake, Sophia, Landon, and Erynn. Second row from left: Riley, Mia, David, Maddie, Austin, Mitchell, Carter, and Renee. Third from left: Joey, Carolyn, Madison, and Amands. Back from left: Georgi, Billy, Monique, Ben, and Valerie. Not pictured: Gracie and Simone. Photo by Patrick McAbee.
Dear Santa, I hope you are getting lots of rest for Christmas. I want an iPod Touch, the Wii, and the thing I really want is for everybody to have a very good, jolly Christmas. Maddie P.S. I don't care what else you give me at all except for those two things I asked for.

Dear Santa, How are you? Good I guess. I hope you are! Thank you for all the presents you have given me. You are the best! Thank you for the tiger that you've given me. I love it. It is fun. This Christmas I want a bunch of Orbies. It would be cool if you brought me Orbies. Valerie P.S. I love you.

Dear Santa, I have been really good this year (I hope). I hope the reindeer are safe on their adventure in the air! I really, really, really want a four pack of the rock star Zhu Zhu Pets. If not, I would like a lot of snow and a Zhu Zhu Pet track! P.S. I hope you do not get sick on Christmas. Simone

Dear Santa, I have been really good this year. I want an XBox 360, a race car, a cell phone, a tent, a briefcase, a racer, and a Jeep. David

Dear Santa, I love how you always fill my heart with joy at Christmas, how you teach me a lesson every Christmas and that you know every last detail about Christmas. You are the most nicest man in the world! Monique

Dear Santa, How are you doing? How are the elves? How is Mrs. Claus? This is what I want for Christmas: Bitty Baby clothes, Junie B. Jones books, a Wii, an XBox 360 with Kinect, the Grinch movie, the new Taylor Swift CD, Justin Bieber songs, Bruno Marx songs, the Black Eyed Peas CD, blue, red, and green clay, 20 smiley pencils, 20 peace sign pencils, twenty monkey pencils, and a peace sign notebook. Mia P.S. How are the reindeer? Is Rudolph's nose still shining bright?

Dear Santa, I hope all the reindeer are snoozing up there because Christmas is right around the corner. I haven't given you my Christmas list so I thought of some cool things. I want a blizzard maker, an Orbie machine, a DSI, and an old-fashioned popcorn machine. See you next year. I love you. Sophia

Dear Santa, I have been good this year. I hope you and Rudolph are getting lots of sleep. I want an American Girl doll and monkey stuff in my stocking. I hope you like our Christmas tree and the cookies and milk. Erynn

Dear Santa, I am going to see you Saturday! But I just want to write you a letter. You are the bestest person in the world. Not because you give me presents but because you eat the cookies and drink the milk I leave for you. I will also give you an ornament. P.S. How is Mrs. Claus? Write back. Landon

Dear Santa, How are your reindeer? And how are Rudolph, Mrs. Claus, and your elves? This is what I want for Christmas: An iPad so I can give it to my mom for Christmas when I go to my aunt's and uncle's house. I want clothes from Hollister and Justice and stuff from Claire's. Georgia P.S. Please do not give me coal.

Dear Santa, How are you and the reindeer? I love you! And how are Mrs. Claus and the elves? I know I already wrote my Christmas list, but I'm writing this just to make sure. I want a mini laptop, Megamind for Nintendo DS, and Mind Flex. Mitchell

Dear Santa, How are you? I am fine. I hope all is quiet at the North Pole. I have been really good. For Christmas I want a motorized train that has two bullet train engines and three coaches that make sure it is a complete oval track. P.S. You're the best. Joey

Dear Santa, It has been a wonderful year for me. I have a question, Santa. Are the reindeer behaving? I changed my mind. I don't want the Family Game Night 3 for Wii. I rented it from the game place in Davison. I am also thinking about a laptop, a cell phone, and an iPad or iPod. I hope you have a good Christmas. Renee

Dear Santa, Have you ever noticed that Rudolph has a bright nose? It is so bright isn't it? And if I am bad can you give me one present please? Don't forget the cookies. Can I see you at Christmas, because my mom has. I want to hug you. Amanda

Dear Santa, How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. How are your elves doing? Have your elves been good? I hope so. I hope they are working quietly, but very hard. How are your reindeer doing? I hope they are good. I also hope they are healthy. I hope everything is happy in the North Pole and everything is quiet. Emily P.S. My brother and I want an iPod Touch. We have both been good.

Dear Santa, How are you doing? Do you need help with the reindeer? Because I can come down there. Well anyways, can I please have a snow board and an Orbie maker? I hope you don't mind me asking how old Rudolph is. Is he 678,910 years old? I need to know. Gracie

Dear Santa, How are things going with the reindeer? Are they being good? I want a baby brother. I also want a new baby hot dog puppy so Sadie can play with it. My sisters and I were very good all year long! Carter

Dear Santa, So how is it going? Santa, I'm sorry I fought with my sister. How is Mrs. Claus? Santa, you're so joyful. Can I get that car I once wanted? Carolyn

Dear Santa, I hope you have a good flight to my house. Merry Christmas. What I want for Christmas is Mind Flex, the Duck On EA game, a stapler, Creepy Crawlers, a Ground Force Driver, and a gift for my mom and dad. Perfume for my mom and two World of Warcraft games for my dad. My parents have been very, very good and so have I. Ben

Dear Santa, I want a DS game and Star Wars Clone Wars. I also want a truck and toy army guys. How are your elves? How are your reindeer? I hope they will both be ready Christmas Eve. I hope you eat the cookies we bake. Riley

Dear Santa, I hope the elves are doing good. How old is Rudolph? I want to see Rudolph. How bright really is his nose? I love you Santa. I like that you give presents to boys and girls. How do your reindeer fly? Do you see penguins? How is Mrs. Claus? How do people not wake up when you are delivering presents?


Dear Santa, Hi Santa, how are you doing this year? How are the elves doing? I have been good at home and I have been working really hard at school. I would like to have the Goldeneye Wii game. I would also like Guitar Hero 5. Billy

Dear Santa, I am your biggest fan! Not just because you give presents all around the world, but because you have it all. You can fly, your friends are mystical creatures, and you have reindeer. Tell Rudolph I love him. Tell all your friends I said 'Hi'. For Christmas I want a ride in your sleigh and Legos. Jake

Dear Santa, All I want is to be just like you. How old are Rudolph, Prancer and Dancer? You are my favorite person. You give me gifts every year. I have been really good. Can I have pajamas? I would also really like a remote control car that goes on the wall. Can you bring a Bay Blade for my brother? He has been good this year too! Austin