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Keiser's Role
Keiserís Role A column by Trevor Keiser
News Week

by Trevor Keiser

January 12, 2011

Last week was a busy news week for me at the Clarkston News. Monday was a typical late night, little sleep deadline night, which led into Tuesday night "fun" at the Independence Township board meeting.

Actually it was rather calm and I was thinking they were going to end the night in peace at about 9 p.m., but then it happened. A topic came up which stirred emotion not only in board members, but me as well.

I heard four key things: Letters from State Treasury Department; Possible 25 percent state shared revenue loss; Trustees didn't know about it; and TOWNSHIP HALL.

I flinched in my seat and thought to myself, "oh no, not another Township Hall issue. Isn't this dead horse beaten enough yet?" Apparently not, because everytime I think all matters concerning the purchase of the new building are over, something else comes up. That's OK, though, because I consider all these big debatable topics as job security (for more information, read the story on page 4A.)

Just when I thought I had enough news on my plate for the week, I found out Wednesday Clerk Shelagh VanderVeen decided to resign. I certainly wasn't expecting that, five days into the new year and half way through her term.

Those who have read my previous columns know I have come down pretty hard on Mrs. VanderVeen in the past. Though I have not always agreed with every decision she has made or every statement she has said, I still feel bad she is resigning.

The only time I agree someone should resign from their position is if it's for health reasons, they can't do the job, or they just simply aren't doing the job.

I may not have always liked the cost of everything, because I felt there was a cheaper way to accomplish the same thing, but I did like the ideas she implemented that saved time.

For example the "paperless agenda" that gets e-mailed every two weeks. It's easier to store a PDF file than find room in a filing cabinet.

Whether it be more for personal or more health related, I wish Mrs. VanderVeen well in her future days.