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Phil In The Blank
Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio
Freedom targeted

by Phil Custodio

January 19, 2011

It would be a shame if freedom becomes another casualty in Jared Loughner's massacre at Rep. Gabrielle Gifford's Congress on Your Corner event in Arizona.

Left-wingers want to tie right-wing politicians and talkers to the tragedy, blaming their programs and speeches for creating a climate of hate. If they get their way, no more war- or violence-based metaphors because there are crazy people out their who take it literally.

Have they considered how limits they impose on opponents eventually apply to themselves as well? What goes around, comes around (is this a war metaphor? It might be some kind of boomerang thing).

Sports metaphors are OK so far. No word yet on sports metaphors based on war. Presumably, something like "the campaign plans to blitz the district" would need clarification, "blitz" as in football or World War II.

Would I be able to say it makes my blood boil to think we're one crazed killer away from losing basic human rights to free speech? (I'm using "boiling blood" as a figure of speech meaning angry. I would die long before my blood reached boiling temperature.)

How about saying Arizona Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, blaming right-wingers and his own state for provoking the attack, should be run out on a rail? (I don't really want him put on a rail and carried out of town, something that apparently happened in colonial times. It's another figure of speech.)

No more fighting city hall, holding the line, blasting one's opponent, sword of freedom, chinks in armor, shooting in the dark.

Certainly no more crosshair-filled maps, like that used by political campaigns in every election ever. Sarah Palin got in trouble with lefties for her target map this time, because it included Rep. Giffords.

They say she secretly wanted them shot. No way. Crosshairs were placed through the country's middle, on vulnerable districts, to show ones they thought they could win in November's election.

A real right-winger hit list would have crosshairs clustered on the east and west coasts. Just sayin' (an expression used to absolve one of any responsibility for what one just said, or wrote).