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February 02, 2011

Disrespectin' me?

On Jan. 25, Brandon deputies responded to the Citgo gas station on Ortonville Road near South Street for a report of a physical altercation between two females, one a 17-year-old and the other a 55-year-old. The 17-year-old told deputies she was in her car at the gas station when she needed to back up due to another vehicle trying to pull through. She tried to signal to the driver behind her (the 55-year-old woman) to back up and said the woman made faces and threw her hands up in the air, then pulled around to another pump. As both women walked in the station, the 17-year-old said the other woman called her a moron. She said she responded, "I just wanted to back up." She said the woman called her a bitch, and the teen responded by saying, "Shut up, you old bitch." The teen said the woman then pushed her and hit her in the face. The 55-year-old woman told deputies that as they walked in the station, she said, "That was stupid," not in reference to the teen, but to the driver that required the teen to back up. The teen then started saying stuff, including, "Shut up, you old lady." The woman said she told the teen to shut up and then the teen hit her. Two witnesses collaborated the teen's story, saying the older woman hit the younger one first, and then they ended up on the floor. The teen had a small cut on the right side of her mouth. The older woman had slight swelling on her right eyebrow. The older woman was cited for assault.

No problem? Big problem

On Jan. 28, at 2:55 p.m., a Brandon deputy responded to the 300 block of Lockwood for an open 9-1-1 line. When the deputy arrived, he was met by a man who said there were no problems at the residence. The deputy explained he had received a 9-1-1 call from this location and the man invited the deputy in and said he and his wife were the only occupants of the home. When the deputy asked where the man's wife was, he responded she was in the bedroom. The woman then came out, sobbing and continually rubbing the top of her head. The deputy observed that her husband's face was flushed and his ears were red. He had no shirt on. The man said he and his wife were in court today in reference to their divorce. They came home and argued and she called 9-1-1, then decided against it and hung up. He said nothing physical occurred. The woman said they argued after getting back from court, and then he lost his temper and began to choke her and pushed her down, and her head bounced off the hardwood floor. She said as she got up, he told her if she called 9-1-1, he would tell them she hit him first with a pan. The woman told the deputy she is afraid of her husband returning and harming her, because he has a very bad temper. The husband was arrested for domestic assault and taken to the Oakland County Jail.

A trunkful of dollars

On Jan. 28, a Brandon deputy responded to the 300 block of Bald Eagle Lake Road for a possible breaking and entering in progress. The deputy was met at the home by the complainant, who said she was out having dinner with a friend when her neighbor called her and said the complainant's garage door was open and the light was on. The complainant came home and found someone had entered her unlocked car, opened her trunk via an electronic release, took her insurance and registration from the glove box and also took tax papers, a checkbook, check receipts, bills to pay and $3,400 in cash from the trunk. The case is open.

Nacho money

On Jan. 29, Brandon deputies responded to Taco Bell, 1152 S. Ortonville Road. The complainant said he was working the drive-thru when a man walked up to the window and ordered a crunchy taco for $1.05. The man paid with a $20 bill and as the employee gave the man his change, the man said, "Actually, this is a stick-up." The employee responded, "Man, don't tell me that!" The suspect then walked over to the adjoining gas station and the employee told the manager what the suspect had said. The complainant then gave the suspect his taco and the suspect walked away and got in a van. The complainant said the suspect was possibly drunk and did not brandish or imply he had a weapon. He did not demand money, paid for his order and left after the transaction. The case is open.


On Jan. 30, at 1 p.m., a Brandon deputy responded to the athletic field at 209 Varsity Drive for a breaking and entering alarm that issued from the football stadium broadcast booth. An unsecured door and open window were found, but otherwise nothing was disturbed.


On Jan. 31, a larceny from an auto report was filed at the Brandon substation. The complainant said between 2 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., someone stole two duffel bags from her vehicle parked at her home in the 100 block of Village Court. The bags contained clothes, makeup, and a cd player with several cds. Her home was also egged.

No deposit, no return

On Jan. 31, a mail fraud complaint was filed at the Brandon substation. The complainant said he was expecting his government check on this day and he never received it, nor any other mail. At 8 p.m., a young woman knocked on his door in the 2800 block of Mulberry. She said four boys had come to her and tried to sell her his check for $150 cash. She confiscated the check without giving them anything. She then came to the man's house to give him his check. The deputy advised the complainant to get direct deposit for future checks.

No snow(mobile)

On Jan. 31, a Brandon deputy responded to the 4200 block of Lake Knolls for a report of a stolen trailer and snowmobiles. The complainant stores the trailer and four snowmobiles in a storage lot in the 1300 block of S. Ortonville Road. He last checked on the property on Jan. 15. He drove by today and discovered they were gone. He contacted the lot owner who is out of the country on vacation and had no information. The complainant did not have insurance on his trailer or snowmobiles. The case was turned over to the auto theft unit.