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Goodrich athletes deserve the best

February 09, 2011

Dear Editor,

It is with great pride that we write this letter as representatives of Goodrich Area Schools football and soccer programs.

We have a proud athletic tradition in Goodrich and both programs have experienced tremendous successes on the field over the past several years.

This is a direct result of the commitment of our student athletes, coaches, parents and the community as a whole.

In relation to the upcoming bond extension that Goodrich schools are seeking, we would like to address the relationship of our respective programs. It is sometimes perceived that soccer and football are in direct competition with each other in regards to athletes, fundraisers, developmental programs, etc. This is a misconception that we would like to put an end to amongst the community. As leaders of each of these great programs, we wholeheartedly support each other's efforts to be successful. We both support the mission of the school to educate students in the classroom and on the athletic field no matter if that field is designed for soccer or football. As most people are aware, the bond extension list of projects includes upgrading our current athletic facility. We view this facility as an opportunity to further the collaboration of our programs. An all-purpose stadium located at the high school will include new bleachers, concessions, rest rooms, team rooms and a synthetic field. This facility will centralize our programs on campus as soccer currently competes at the middle school.

It will also provide a safe environment for our spectators who over numerous years have been forced to sit in bleachers that are sometimes unsafe.

The concessions building will offer our fans a venue to enjoy the event, not only with the opportunity to purchase food, but with an increased capacity for restrooms to match the attendance at our games. It is also pertinent to note that our current practice facilities will remain intact for usage. Practicing on a grass surface is something that we will continue to utilize as we will play on them at away contests.

Finally this all-purpose facility will be a beacon for our developmental programs throughout the season. The ability to utilize the multi-purpose surface for the lower levels numerous times per week will increase our younger athletes learning as they can compete on a regulation field without the concern of damage to the surface. Youth programs, middle school, freshman and junior varsity will all have the opportunity to practice and play on the "game field" for both programs.

We support this campaign as leaders of our programs and hope the community will do so as well on Feb.


Evan Huizenga Tom Alward

Goodrich Head Soccer Coach Goodrich Head Football Coach