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Family, friends thank you

February 16, 2011

Dear Editor,

The generosity of this community is truly overwhelming.

Family, friends and neighbors that have helped to shape our lives in this community— words seem inadequate to express our love and gratitude for your prayers and support.

We lost our Groveland Township home to fire on Feb. 2.

The fire departments of Groveland, Brandon, Holly and Atlas— thank you. Steve McGee and Dave Kwapis, you were both professionals and trusted comforting friends during this devastating time. We know many of the firefighters who were at the house, some working to save a home they had been to many times. You have our gratitude and respect for your efforts. It is surreal now, but it will be a home once again.

Jake Marsh and the Knight family, thank you for knowing what is most important to us and trying your best to save them. We know you will miss Gracie and Luca, too. Hitting golf balls won't ever be the same.

The Brandon All-Sports Boosters who are as always ready to step up— Thank you for everything!

To all of our "other" kids, thank you for being there for Eric, Nick and Ryan. Your support of them helped us, too.

We have heard from local families who have been through similar experiences and are assured that in time we will heal. Right now it is still incomprehensible and incredibly painful, please bear with us as we muddle through the healing process.

Know that with your prayers of support, you are helping us.

Brian and Gina Muzzarelli