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Reaction to the results...

February 23, 2011

-We asked Facebook followers for reaction after school bond results were posted. Comments were randomly chosen for publication; by early Wednesday morning we'd received no reaction comments from 'Vote no' supporters.-

Pam Maas Grantham So disappointing The bond provided a good opportunity to show our commitment to providing the best for our children which in turn makes the community a desirable place to live and for businesses to set up shop. The 17.8% percent turnout is also very unfortunate.

Carol Walker Kevnick The outcome was sad and disappointing. So hoped the community could come together for the betterment of the students. All the No No signs plastered up and down Lapeer Rd. made me feel like our community were bickering two year olds. Don't we owe our kids more than that?

Denise M Mitchell What an awesome voter turnout! Please stay engaged and work towards a solution the community can overwhelmingly support.

Douglas Brouhard I'm sad this was defeated. Part of what draws people to Lake Orion and Orion Township are our schools. We've achieved so many blue ribbon exemplary schools because of our willingness to pay for them. I hope I don't see the day we regret voting down a $14/month tax on ourselves (more then most of us spend on soda).

Sandy Stasiuk Malear I don't know what discourages me more..the bond not passing or the numerous people who say they didn't know about the election and didn't vote. Really?

Mary Lindsay DeAngelis Very sad, imagine my shock at being voter #18 at 3pm then my husband was #131 at 7:30pm I was told there were 426 voters for precinct 3....very sad indeed

Scott Johnson As a Realtor I find this very disturbing. People come here for our schools and it helps the value of our houses. In a time when market values are so low why would someone vote on something that will make it even worse?

Doug Kutchen How is it that in Fraser, where property values are nowhere near Lake Orion's, they could pass a similar bond? Frankly, I don't understand why these bond proposals seemingly get presented at the 11th hour. How about preparing voters a year... in advance that a proposal is on the horizon? It doesn't need to be really specific, but give a rough outline of what the district needs and get feedback. If voters are cool on a particular expenditure then omit it from the bond. How clear was it that future bonds would have higher interest rates? Were voters made aware of the goings on at Oxford? They're about to spend a mint on tech. Oxford's newsletters really helped sell their bond.