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Letter to the editor
Clerk search destroys voter's trust

March 02, 2011

Dear Editor,

Mrs. Joan McCrary has long been a community servant. I have a difficult time believing these political shenanigans from her.

Division on the current board is significant in this action to gain political control. Honestly, does this really have anything to do with what you people really believe your public wants to see?

Don't you have anything better to do with your time, that we pay for, than to run around this town making deals? Do you not listen to us, the public? Stop the behind-the-door meetings. If you spent your time doing your jobs and less time on your own agendas, this township would be in better hands.

I can definitely see at least three new people on the board after the next election. You can't really think the public is going to accept how you are spending our tax dollars trying to influence other employees' livelihood. Shame on you, Joan McCrary and Curt Carson. I can see that I misplaced my votes in the last couple elections on at least three of you.

Should this prove to be true, I can only say you have lost the trust of many, many people in this community.

Now we will see the denials and accusations begin at the board meetings, instead of solving township problems.

A breath of fresh air has been shown by Mrs. Patterson for bring honesty to these proceedings. The truly best qualified for this job are the two candidates not thinking they could manipulate, behind closed doors, the will of the people.

Mrs. Paula Heenan showed us all what a gracious and good employee she is. How dare they play with her life in this manner. You have now destroyed any trust the public ever had in you as elected officials if this accusation comes to bear.

Sue Greene

Independence Township