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Meet LOCS school board candidates

March 02, 2011

Terrie Campbell, 51

Occupation: Staff Representative / Labor Relations

Education: Graduated from Royal Oak Kimball High School; Adult Education courses in accounting; Continuous training through employer in Privatization, Negotiation, Arbitration, Health Care.

Family: Married, husband's name; Tom. Son; T.J. who graduated from Lake Orion High School 2005.

Length of residency: I have lived in the Lake Orion School District for 15 years.

Why are you running for school board (in 50 words or less)? My reason to run for the School Board is simple; I have a vested interest in the district as well as the community. (I was employed by the District for 13 years) The Lake Orion School District has been well known as a stellar district and I want it to continue to be, so.

Joseph Knight, 46

Occupation: Plant Manager for an automotive supplier

Education: BS Industrial Administration from GMI Engineering & Management Institute

Family: Spouse - married 24 years to Diane; Children - Ben graduated LOHS (2006), Hannah graduated LOHS (2008), Abigail attends LOHS (2011), Miriam attends LOHS (2014), Sam attends Blanche Sims (2019)

Length of residency: I've lived in the district 16 years.

Why are you running for school board (in 50 words or less)? To give my experience and knowledge to help the district plan and evaluate the changes needed to meet the challenges it faces while ensuring each and every student learns to their ability, parents are satisfied, educators are challenged, and the community is confident that the district is well managed.

Terry E. Lang, 44

Education: Quality and Process Analyst for Edcor Data Services, LLC in Troy, MI.

Education: I hold a Master of Science in Management from Walsh College in Troy, MI and a Bachelor of General Studies with triple minors in Management, Communication Arts and Sociology from Oakland University in Rochester, MI. I am also a Certified Call Center Operations Manager through the Call Center Industry Advisory Council (CIAC) in Brentwood, TN and a Certified Public Assembly Facilities Manager through the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) School at Oglebay in Coppell, TX.

Family: Married to Mary Lang, Director at Children's Choice Learning Center at Crittenton Hospital, Rochester. Three children in Lake Orion Schools: Olivia Lang, Freshman at LOHS; Amber Sutton, Freshman at LOHS; Aric Sutton, 8th Grade at Oakview Middle School. My oldest child, Celeste Lang, is studying opera as a Senior at Interlochen Center for the Arts, in Interlochen, MI.

Length of residency: With the exception of a 2 year employment engagement in Denver, CO, I have been a Lake Orion resident my entire life. I am a 1984 LOHS Alumnus and my children will be the third generation to graduate from LOHS.

Why are you running for school board (in 50 words or less)?

Our compulsory education system simply isn't sustainable any longer and will force us to look for innovative, cost-effective ways to deliver this service. I am eager to put my education, experience and three generations of Lake Orion history to work for the students, District and community I am passionate for.

Birgit McQuiston, 47

Occupation: I am a self-employed health researcher and consultant.

Education: I Earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree from Cedarville University in 1985, and I completed the Certified Nutritionist Program (CN) from American Health Science University in 2005.

Family: I am married to Greg McQuiston. We have two amazing children: Emily, a junior at LOHS, and Erich, a seventh grader at Oakview Middle School.

Length of residency: We moved here in August of 2000 when my husband's job was relocated from Dayton, Ohio to the Detroit area.

Why are you running for school board (in 50 words or less)? I am running for the school board out of a desire to represent and serve the Lake Orion community and the staff of Lake Orion Community Schools. I am committed to ensuring that our students continue to receive an exceptional education.

Connie Meech, 43

Occupation: family and probate lawyer, wife and mother of four children

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, Minor in French - Western Michigan University, 1990; Law Degree (Juris Doctor) from Wayne State Law School, 1997.

Family: Husband, Steve, an Oakland County Sheriff Deputy (married for 15 years; Connor - 11 (5th grade); Iris - 8 (2nd grade); Reece - 7 (1st grade) and Curtis - 2. My oldest three children all attend Orion Oaks Elementary School.

Length of residency: Our family has lived in Lake Orion for 11 years.

In 50 words or less why are you running for the school board?

I will ensure quality education for our students. I will work within the current budget, by setting priorities and ensuring that our tax dollars actually get to the classroom and improve bus services. Our students must excel in the basics, and technology must have a connection to student achievement.

John Michalik, 43

Business Development Manager

Education: B.S.E.E. from LTU, Warren High School

Family: Stephanie Orth - Teacher at LO HS; Sarah Michalik - Student at Walden 7th, Julia Michalik - Student at Orion Oaks 5th, Hannah Michalik - Student at Orion Oaks 3rd

LO Residency: 15 years

Why are you running for school board (in 50 words or less)?

I want to be involved. I have three children attending school in the district, my wife is a teacher in the district and so is my sister. The status of the schools directly affects my family and I want to not only know what is going on, but I want to be involved in what is happening.

The constant funding cuts that come from the government and the failure of the bond have frustrated and infuriated me. I want to be in a position to not only inform our community, but also our leaders, that schools without proper funding is a way to jeopardize the future our students, our community and our state (113 words).

Melissa Miller, 47

Performance Consultant with 20 years experience helping manufacturing companies improve the performance of their workforce

Education: Graduate of Utica Eisenhower High School

Bachelor of Science Candidate, Human Resource Development

Family: Married for 23 years to John; 3 Children - Pete (2010 Graduate of LOHS, currently attending MSU); Emily (sophomore @ LOHS); Hannah (7th grade @ Scripps Middle School)

Length of residency: I have lived in Lake Orion for 18 years

Why are you running for school board (in 50 words or less)?

In order to maintain educational excellence in these challenging economic times, difficult decisions must be made. I want to ensure the school board, administration, teachers, staff and community work together to provide all students with the best possible educational opportunities while being fiscally responsible.

Daniel Myslakowski (age not provided)

Occupation: IT Project Manager

Education: Bachelor of Science Business Administration- Ferris State University; Master of Arts - Public Administration - Central Michigan University.

Family: Spouse/Children - Married 30 years to Dee Myslakowski; 2 sons Daniel a 2004 LOHS honor grad now in his 2nd year at Belmont University Pharmacy School, Nashville TN - Elected class Vice President, and elected Vice President Pharmacy fraternitity; Ryan a 2006 LOHS honor grad now in his final year of pre-pharmacy at Wayne State University - currently a WSU Dorm Resident Assist., and a LO CVS Pharmacy Technician.

How long have you lived in Lake Orion/school district? 23 years.

Why are you running for school board (in 50 words or less)? I recently wrote a letter to this newspaper to make it very clear where I stand on the issues, and how our Orion community can no longer afford "the same old tax and spend solutions" as this tactic is unsustainable. "I am all for keeping our kids competitive but I don't believe money is the problem or that throwing more money at it will solve this problem." I have over 30 year's financial management experience, and I sincerely believe I can be part of the positive solution going forward.

Deborah Porter (age not provided)

Occupation: IT Planning Manager for General Motors IT Group. Currently, I monitor a $500M IT project portfolio that develops and implements technology into GM business units around the world.

Education: Walsh College - MS in Business Information Technology; Michigan State University - BS in Clinical Laboratory Science; Lake Orion High School - HS Diploma

Family: I have been a resident of Lake Orion for 45 years. My husband, Neal, has been a Lake Orion resident for 40 years and is a Lake Orion business owner. Our 2 children were born and raised in the community and recently completed their high school education in the Lake Orion schools. Our son, Neal IV, is pursuing a degree in Engineering at the University of Michigan. Our daughter, Rachel, is pursuing a degree in Architectural Engineering at Lawrence Technological University.

Interest in a seat on the Board

Why are you running for school board (in 50 words or less)?Technology is important and will play a significant role in the future of our students. I have knowledge and experience that can help provide innovative IT solutions that are beneficial and cost effective. I will also work to eliminate wasteful spending such as special elections and provide a better balance between students, educators, and community

Kelly Weaver, 43

Occupation: Homemaker/ Lake Orion School Board Trustee/ Volunteer

Education: Social Work Degree from Arizona State University; Elementary Education Degree/Math Minor from Oakland University; Completing Masters in Teacher Development and Educational Studies at Oakland University.

Length of residency: We moved to Lake Orion in 1998. We have been in the school district since 2003.

Family: I am married to Mike Weaver for almost 16 years. We have two children. Cameron is an 8th grader at Scripps Middle School. Claire is a 5th grader at Stadium Drive.

Why are you running for a seat on the board?

I was appointed to this Board last May. I would like the opportunity to continue working on behalf of this community and more importantly the students of LOCS. The times ahead for our district will be challenging. I feel that my dedication, my experiences as an active parent, community member and educator, and my passion will prove helpful in moving us forward as a district and a community.

Janet Wolverton, 46

Occupation: Business Manager for a management consultant firm and dedicated School Board member since 2002.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and Sciences from Michigan State University, Class of 1986.

Family: My husband, Gordon, and I have been married for 24 years. We are the proud parents of two Lake Orion High School graduates. Our daughter, Class of 2008, is currently in her Junior year at MSU studying Early Childhood Development and our son, Class of 2010, is a Freshman at MSU pursuing Mechanical Engineering.

How long have you lived in Lake Orion/school district?

We have lived in Lake Orion for 13 years.

Why are you running for school board (in 50 words or less)?

LOCS faces imminent significant financial challenges and many difficult decisions ahead. I am running to retain a board seat to apply my 8-year knowledge of public school financing to meet these challenges; continuing my personal dedication, devotion, and contributions to the immediate and long-term success of our students and district.

Steven A. Drakos 48.

Occupation: Attorney

Education: Law Degree, Detroit Collage of Law 1988, Bachelors of Arts Degree, Oakland University 1984

Family: Married to Teresa Drakos, two children (twins) Michael and Andrew who will be attending Kindergarten in the fall.

As a child, I attended Stadium Drive Elementary School, attended the Lake Orion Middle School and Graduated from Lake Orion High School in 1980. My family and I currently reside at 213 Franklin Wright Blvd. We have lived at this address since 2003.

Why are you running for school board (in 50 words or less)?

As a current board member, I wish to continue to bring a common sense approach to the finances of Lake Orion Schools. We must provide for the needs of our students, yet be sensitive to how we approach our spending. All school districts in the State of Michigan will have the same budget cuts from Lansing. As Board members, we must be realistic that the State of Michigan will be helping us less. Lake Orion Community Schools is fortunate to have great Teachers, Principles and Administrators. It is important that we listen to these professionals who are trained as educators. They know best the needs of our children. It is my desire to be a voice for these educators who teach our school children.