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Study examines college-ready students statewide

by David Fleet

March 09, 2011

A Detroit Free Press article published last month compared how college-ready seniors at each individual high school were.

Nationwide, 24 percent of 2010 high school graduates were considered college-ready, with a little under half of high school students taking the test. In Michigan, all public high school students take the test and about 19 percent met college-ready benchmarks.

The report, from the Michigan Department of Education, found that fewer than 10 percent of the students set to graduate in 2011 were considered college-ready by the ACT test. College-readiness is defined as the percentage of students that meet the following four minimum scores on the ACT: 18 on English, 22 on math, 21 on reading and 24 on science

In the Brandon School District, 19.4 percent were college-ready in all four tested areas; English, 55.8 percent were college-ready; reading, 44.9 percent were college-ready; math, 35.7 percent were college-ready; and science, 23.8 percent were college-ready. The Brandon High School graduation rate for the class of 2010 was 97.0 percent. Brandon Schools were ranked 26th in Oakland County in college-readiness of 65 schools.

Brandon Superintendent Lorrie McMahon was not pleased with the scores.

"I am disappointed that our students did not score higher," she said. "We are currently involved in implementation of the common core standards, which should increase our achievement on this standardized test. Standardized tests are just one indicator of learning and we must be careful to not put too much emphasis on these results. At Brandon, we are educating the whole student and for that there is no good test."

In the Goodrich School District, 22.7 percent were college-ready in all four tested areas; English, 76.3 percent college-ready; reading, 54.6 percent were college-ready; math, 42.3 percent college-ready; and science, 33 percent college-ready. The Goodrich High School graduation rate for the class of 2010 was 96.0 percent.

Goodrich was ranked second in Genesee County in college-readiness of 35 schools.