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Questions to ask village council

March 09, 2011

Dear Editor,

Why did the board in 2005, Horton, Morey, York, Lucik and Pierson, cut taxes by 30 percent, but not cut spending?

Why did we pay 30 percent too much for decades is a better question.

Why could Gordon Bachman run the DPW with a couple of part-timers and now we have three full-time employees costing around $125,000 total?

Why did Keith Walworth sign a contract now paying our manager over $46,000 salary, $11,000 in health coverage, $1,500 in life/disability, $3,800 in retirement and four weeks vacation? If she resigns it calls for four months' salary, two months' healthcare and any unused vacation.

Ed York in 2006 increased only the manager's retirement to 8 percent per year. Let's ask why?

Why would a contract restrict the village from sharing how well or poorly the manager performed their duty to any third parties? Just asking.

Why can Atlas Township, with nearly 4,000 parcels to govern, pay their supervisor, clerk and treasurer a flat salary of $33,670, no vacation, healthcare, retirement or golden parachutes, while Goodrich pays the administration assistant $29,620 plus $11,000 in healthcare, retirement and life/disability? Let's ask who set this salary structure up.

Ask Horton, Lucik, Morey and Sidge why none of them checked into the behavior of the former code enforcer when it was personally brought to their attention. They all denied any problem and the Genesee Sheriff Department was required to do the job our elected officials ignored.

Ask Sidge why she refused a request for copy of the code enforcement procedure, and then spent thousands of dollars having the village attorney ignore requests for the same. Then she hands a copy to another citizen months later. What was she thinking?

Ask Ed York, our former leader, why he denied a citizen's request to be added to the agenda of the next meeting. His answer was that he sets the agenda and you will not be on it. Let's ask him why.

Let's ask Horton, Lucik and Morey why they did not object to that abuse of power. Only Ms Wartella spoke up for the citizen's right to be heard at a meeting.

Let's ask the treasurer to report how much over budget we have been in the last five years. Are we spending our savings? Its easy, take dollars in and subtract dollars out. We had $1,443,726.88 in our bank balance, June 30, 2003. Ask where that went.

Attend the village meeting March 14.

Al Ryden