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Reading with radio DJ

March 16, 2011

Danielle Car reads to fifth graders. Photos by Wendi Reardon
Fifth graders at Bailey Lake Elementary had a special visitor on Thursday with a important message for March is Reading Month

Radio personality Danielle Car, from Fresh 100.3, said reading was important especially for her job. She doesn't just announce the songs playing on the radio, she has to read liners, which are promotional spots.

"Reading is going to be important no matter what you do," she shared with Mrs. Patterson-Brown's class.

To show just how important it is, she had students read outloud a few liners she reads on the air. She also added it wasn't just about reading it but adding personality behind it. By giving the words more emphasis, pitch or tone it sounds more like conversation and not just monotone reading.

She also admitted she didn't want to read when she was in elementary and said assigned books didn't make it fun to read for her.

Once she made the discovery there were books out there for different interests, she was hooked.

"No matter if you are into music, motorcycles, football, dance, vampires or something else there are books out there for everyone," Car added.

Before she left she read the class Bad Dog Marley by Josh Grogan.

~Staff Writer Wendi Reardon