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Wendi’s Word A column by Wendi Reardon
No more snow

by Wendi Reardon

March 30, 2011

Mother Nature struck again.

Anyone remember the storm over a week ago bringing ice and snow? The last (crossing fingers) winter hurrah. I was ready for it to be over with.

Yes, living in Michigan for all my life, I know winter can hit anytime. Oh, Old Man Winter you are feisty and I held onto my tongue long enough. I held onto my opinion while clearing my Vue of three inches of wet snow. I held my opinion while driving in it.

But enough is enough. No more, the snow piles are almost gone. The spots of ice have almost melted away. No more.

Honestly, I was ready for spring sports to begin. The Clarkston High School Girls Soccer teams were on the schedule to open on March 23, the day after the storm.

Though I am sure our Lady Wolves would have been able to handle a little snow kicking – the game was cancelled.

The next hit came Monday. The first two events for the high school's boys baseball teams were delayed due to field conditions.

Darn you winter! Let it go! You had your reign. Instead the boys will host their home opener after spring break on April 12, right before they head to Oxford for their first Oakland Athletic Association game against our neighbors. I am sure the Wolves will give them a proper hello into the league.

With any luck, spring will pop through next week so everyone can have a enjoyable break being in the sunshine as opposed to a snow shower.

* * *

Students in Clarkston had a busy month – mostly in books. It was March is Reading Month.

I know I went the whole month without talking about reading. It's like my mom says around every holiday, especially Mother's Day and her birthday, "if you can't be nice to me every day of the year, don't do it for one day" (quick, go call or hug your parents).

Reading should be every day, even for 10 minutes. Grab a book, grab a magazine, grab the reading bug.

Or give a book to a child. It's guaranteed the child will put it back into your hand, flash those big eyes, and ask for you to read it. I forget about it everytime I get my niece a new book, especially after buying Ratatouille. Anyone know French pronounciations besides "bonjour"?