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Guest viewpoint: Maria Rotondo-Mark
A closer look at human behavior

April 06, 2011

In case anyone is aware, I took a break from submitting a column; to reflect / observe and further understand the bigger picture.

Humans are inter-connected / inter-dependent by design in multi levels:

Connected to a genetic pool, via creation

Spiritual / Emotional connection and free will, via creation

Chemically / Biologically connected to Mother Earth / Planet Earth, via creation

Astronomically connected to the Universe, from the stars, to the entire solar system and other planets, via creation

As human beings each of us affect the human race!

We are in the 21st century with great possibilities and difficult challenges to be considered.

To have an appreciation of whom each of us is; allows open space for others to do the same.

As creatures of habit, I believe, it takes approximately three weeks to break an old habit; or to adopt a new one. If this theory prevails and catches on; hope is a realized shift.

"We are different in that we are alike and alike in that we are different."

Respecting, appreciating, learning and bridging the gaps that divide; is a step toward co-existence explicit in our 21st century.

Human beings are connected via suffering, recovering, celebrating, socializing, producing, progressing, are just a few ways to access common denominators of understanding,

Regardless of where we live, media brings the world to all of us. An earthquake happens in Japan; we all feel the impact.

A devastating Hurricane in New Orleans, U.S.A. and the world takes notice. We are not only a world market economically; we are inter-dependent and connected.

More importantly, we are fellow human beings. Disregarding race trivia, color, geographic location, language or no language connections; in the bigger picture, these are mere images of our human race. When speaking of human "race"; it does not translate being in a race to crucify one-another on irrelevant matters.

Be it political viewpoints, power and position, economic status, man or woman, single, married, divorced and the list goes on. It is helpful to communicate with respectful intention for the bigger purpose, of good to prevail.

Each of us is an important component contributing to civilization.

What comes to mind is the urgency to access a higher dose of "tolerance" first and foremost to one-self, then extended to others.

"No-one accomplishes the goal totally alone; yet we move courageously toward fruition."

Those in leadership roles, need followers, workers, managers, marketers, economists, law-makers, legislators all inter-weaved creating a quilt of human-kind. All working to prosper.

We are worthy, we are capable and we are humane. Pass it forward!

Maria Rotondo Mark lives in Independence Township