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Keiser’s RoleA column by Trevor Keiser
‘The board’

by Trevor Keiser

April 06, 2011

I have had a lot of time to think the past couple of weeks concerning Independence Township Board's decision to eliminate Treasurer Curt Carson from any further contact with state officials or township auditors Plante & Moran concerning the Deficit Elimination Plan.

If you're guessing that I disagree with their vote, than you guessed correctly. Now, let me tell you why.

The motion given by Trustee Neil Wallace at the Jan. 18 meeting states "the board authorize Les Pulver from Plante Moran to contact the state, to explore with the state other potential options for eliminating or fixing the Deficit Elimination Plan and report back to the board as soon as possible."

After the motion was given, Mr. Carson suggested using state representatives to help out in the situation. It was only Mr. Wallace who objected to the idea.

It was then Mr. Pulver spoke up and said he has no standing with the state on his own and suggested a "team" of township officials (supervisor, treasurer, a trustee and possibly a state representative) work with him.

Once again it was only Mr. Wallace who objected and suggested the deputy supervisor would be a good point man to work with Pulver. Supervisor Dave Wagner said he thought it was a good idea and would have the deputy supervisor call Pulver. (My guess is Wagner was simply trying to shut Wallace up so they could move to the next agenda item.)

What's my point, you ask? My point is I am sick and tired of board members showing up to meetings and telling someone they disobeyed what "the Board" authorized. When what they're claiming the board authorized was never authorized by the board, because the board never voted against the suggestion of using state reps. Nor did they vote to authorize the deputy supervisor as the point man.

It was one man who spoke to those suggestions and it was Mr. Wallace. I'm sorry, Mr. Wallace, but you are one man with one opinion and only one vote.

Here's a suggestion. Next time, make your motion say exactly how you want it said because a broad motion leaves room for debate.