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Jim's Jottings
My miscellanea pile is misaligned

by Jim Sherman, Sr.

April 06, 2011

My advice to reporters who think they'd like to become columnists is to think about a topic for a week, then write. As far as I can remember none took my advise. Most just waited until deadline and hoped something appears.

I took my column planning a bit further after taking the advice of an older writer, Jim Fitgzerald of Lapeer County Press and Detroit Free Press.

He's five days older than I, thus as a senior writer I listened to him. Another practice he had was writing his column at the beginning of the week instead of at press time.

Of course, he was an employee and never met a payroll, he had time to preach.

My way is to take copious notes, then lose them.

This note I've had since George Bush signed that stupid, expensive, poisonous, screwy light bulb legislation.

I'm determined to hoard incandescents until I die and leave them in the will.

How could anyone sign a law that requires citizens to buy over-priced, poisonous, mercury-ladened light bulbs? These bulbs have about 20 requirements for cleaning up the breakage site and disposing of the poisonous pieces.

They're killers!

Oh, yeah, George promised they would be cheaper in the long run, which would not come in his lifetime… which also means my lifetime.

Further, the last maker of incandescent bulbs in America has closed its plants here, and now makes them in China.

George W., what were you thinking? You took jobs away from Americans, and have forced we real normal Americans to support the already over supported Chicoms.

I can't even imagine how many barefooted American children are going to step on shards of bulbs and need mercury poisoning cures.

Thanks, again, George W Bush.

- - - 0 - - -

Maybe I should have lost this copious note.

• With the introduction of so many ipods, telephones, etc., don't you have the feeling that whatever decision you made to buy one of these things it will be obsolete in four days? I'm going to buy one when the last one is made.

• And, is there any thought by the callers that the callees didn't want to be called?

• One more time, Mr. Obama, why have you prohibited our oil companies from drilling in our country?

• I don't know what it will take, but I believe only a miracle can convince me that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the best possible diplomatic Secretary Of State available in America. And, wow! Didn't Adam Clayton Powell get erased quickly from newscasting outlets in America?

• Was it predetermined in caucus that the first African American to be elected president of the United States be left handed?

• And, one last jab this week, Obama's newest spokesperson is a lad named Carney. Has anyone asked if he has high school diploma. He's very young looking.

• Fact: It's not surprising that an estimated 12 percent of businessmen wear their ties so tight that they restrict bloodflow to the brain. Seems like with our Governor and President into the no-necktie fad, the percentage should be restudied.

• How about one more omnibus spending bill to study the overflow of blood to the brain for non-necktie wearers?