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Letter to the editor
An invitation for a first-hand look

April 13, 2011

Dear Editor,

Shame on Mr. Bob Klemmer for using the word "segregate" in a child's education. You have no idea what pressures are put on children in today's world. I would love for you to sit in my son's class for one day and see what the children are expected to learn. The material they are learning is what I learned several grades later and in some instances in high school. So, yes, Mr. Klemmer, education is faster paced than when you or I went to school. These children will not only go to the moon, they will build on Mars!

I have a child that you would "segregate." He has Dyslexia. He has an above average I.Q. and lowered ability. He is amazing and smart even though he does not fit your profile of a student that should be placed in the "normal" class where everyone could learn more and cost less. I am thankful that he has teachers and staff that believe in him! He has been placed in a higher ability class and he is thriving due to the fact he is learning from everyone around him?

Mr. Klemmer, Before you cast judgement, sit in a classroom and see for yourself the differences. For many years my son thought he was stupid and finally he knows that he is smart! If he had been "segregated", he would not be where he is today!

I volunteer in my son's classroom every Tuesday at 9:30. Come and join me? You might be surprised at all of the differences! I sit in awe every week wondering how any of the students are able to handle the work and subject matters!

Cherie Burns

Independence Township