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Letter to the editor
Connecting with the community

April 13, 2011

A community with a newspaper is a more informed community.

Likewise, a newspaper with a community is a more informed newspaper. with that in mind, The Lake Orion Review, in an effort to reach out and connect more with the community, is accepting ideas for Guest Columnists. It is our plan to start a rotation of columns from the community.

We believe members of the community have their own insights to many of the issues we are facing today. Wouldn't it be nice to read about school issues, say from not only administrators, but also from teachers, parents and students?

The idea is to broaden and encourage the free exchange in a civil way of ideas. Community dialogue is vital to community growth and cohesion.

But, our Guest Columnist slots are not only for the deep subjects of long-lasting ramifications like government taxation. No! Folks like reading about gardening, pet care, health, local history; we reckon the list could go on and on. What we don't want is self-promotion and marketing.

What are the requirements? Well, you gotta' live in the community. You gotta' subscribe to The Review (and we have our ways of researching whether or not you subscribe). We need your mug shot (your smiling face) in color, your address and daytime phone number. We also need three examples of your writing (not something like a book report, but actual Guest Columns you would like us to consider running). Guest columns should not exceed 400 words.

We don't want gripes, swipes or any other attempt at tearing down something or some one. We want to know how things can be fixed, how to build and how to succeed. Granted, that is a little harder than letting loose a complaint, but thems are our rules and we will stick to 'em. Please e-mail us your ideas and mug shots to