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Vendors show off their green

April 13, 2011

Spring seems to have finally arrived, and along with the greener scenery came the Growing Green Earth Day Expo, presented by Orion Township Parks & Recreation.

Last Saturday at King's Court Castle, the expo was to "impact our future" by encouraging Orion residents to live greener. This can be anything from eating healthier, to supporting movements to simplify and refine the way Orion residents live.

Over 50 different vendors and organizations attended the event hoping prove that "going green" was not only important, but beneficial and even preferable.

Some of the participants included the Sierra Club, which seeks to clean the Great Lakes; Greening Detroit which supports and brings light to organizations in the greater Detroit area doing their ecological part; the Wieland's Farmer's Market at Canterbury Village this year; and even Waste Management showing off methods they use to stay ecologically friendly.

To compliment the groups trying to "make a change," groups promoting area nature walkways like Polly Ann Trail were present to remind Lake Orion of the outdoor options available to them with the passing of cold weather.

Admission to the expo was free to anyone interested, and people came by the dozen to scope out what all the excitement was about.

For more information about the Growing Green Earth Day Expo, contact Lisa Sokol at the Parks & Recreation department at Orion Township offices.