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Swimming to Seatopia

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

April 13, 2011

Kyra Belanger as Dr. Gill and the true King Neptune, and Connor Wise, the King of the sea, discuss life under the waves.
The fifth graders of Stadium Drive put on quite a show on March 30, taking their parental audience deep under water to explore the world of Seatopia.

Written by Theatre Instructor Karey Hart in collaboration with the fifth grade students, who acted, sang, and ran stage production equipment during the show, Seatopia told the story of people who were lucky enough to meet a scientist named Dr. Gill who sent them to the underwater paradise of Seatopia, where they met a number of deep sea characters including Lobby the Lobster, the Sea Queen, and King Neptune.

But all is not well beneath the waves, and when an oil pipe suddenly springs a leak, the creatures of the sea turn on their human guests, believing them to be behind the leak.

Fortunately, Dr. Gill reveals himself as the true King Neptune, simultaneously ousting the false king, showing everyone the truth of the false king's self-serving deeds to gain popularity, and freeing the human visitors.

Between the acting, singing, dancing, and choreography, it was clear the students weren't the only ones having a good time.