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Push yourself: Extreme Fitness Studio

by Susan Bromley

April 13, 2011

Karen Miller (front) and Sheila Roque workout during the kettlebell class at Extreme Fitness Studio, 250 Ortonville Road, Ste. F. The studio opened April 11 next to Anytime Fitness. Photo by Patrick McAbee.
Groveland Twp.- Finding the motivation to workout can be difficult, but it may be just a little easier with the opening of a new business in the township.

Extreme Fitness Studio, 250 Ortonville Road, Ste. F, opened April 11 next to Anytime Fitness. Both businesses are co-owned by Brian Dunaway, but Anytime Fitness is filled with gym equipment, while the new studio has 1,760 square feet of space designed to hold a variety of fitness classes.

"The good thing about group training is you push yourself— you compete and feed off each other's exuberance," said Dunaway.

Jared Pannell, a personal trainer at Extreme Fitness Studio, agreed.

"Every individual has their own plateau, where they think they've done enough or they are too tired to do more, but when you're working out in a group, you see people to your left and right and they are still working out," he said. "That pushes you through that wall to do a little bit more than you thought you could and go to the next level."

Besides Pannell, Extreme Fitness Studio has three other personal trainers— Greg Taylor, Tamara Masterson, and Sean Fabian. All trainers are certified for the classes they teach, and all are insured.

Classes currently offered at Extreme Fitness Studio include kettlebell, which Dunaway said "puts a good sweat on" and combines aerobics and weight training; SPIN bike, with a certified SPIN trainer and certified bikes; boot camp and advanced boot camp, high-intensity all-around conditioning; yoga; Zumba, Latin dance; cardio boxing; Butts and Guts; Issin-Ryu Karate by Sensei Gayle Evans, a close combat self-defense class; and a step class.

All equipment necessary for classes is provided by the studio. Classes are built around the needs of students, Dunaway said, and are ongoing. Class times are tailored to popular demand. There are sessions held as early as 5 a.m., as late as 8 p.m. and all hours in between. As many as 40 people can be in a class, and when one fills up, another is added.

Extreme Fitness Studio utilizes a punchcard system. It is not necessary to be an Anytime Fitness member to take classes at the studio, although gym members do receive a discounted rate on the punchcard. Discounts are also offered to students, senior citizens, and for heroes, including military members, police, fire, doctors and nurses.

All ages and abilities workout together in classes, which are also co-ed.

"The trainers not only push you, they support you," said Dunaway, who previously held some classes at Anytime Fitness. "They make it fun so you want to come back. Everyone doing the classes has had weight loss success. Not only do you get stronger and more toned, you lose weight."

Certified Massage Therapist Diana Bertapelle is also available by appointment at the studio.

Extreme Fitness Studio is open from 9 a.m.-8 p.m., Monday through Friday and 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Details: 248-627-4800.