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Wendi’s Word A column by Wendi Reardon

April 20, 2011

My Saturday evening began with two simple lists - do laundry and clean.

I started one task but quickly found myself immersed in a show on the A&E network called "Storage Wars."

The show follows four buyers and their teams as they go to repossessed storage units. When storage units aren't paid they go up for auction.

The buyers either go to find items to sell in their resale stores, looking for collector items, or for just for the thrill of the hunt for a hidden treasure.

Before the bidding begins, the storage unit's lock is cut off and the contents are revealed. Sometimes not much is seen but piles of boxes (hmmm, reminds me of mine) or garbage bags and furniture thrown into the space.

Once, the bidding is done and the winner dives into the storage unit where the real fun begins.

It reminded me of my hunts, though buying a storage unit is a little more intense and a bigger gamble than just going to garage sales or scavenging shelves at a resale shop.

Also, unlike one team of buyers, Darrell and his son, Brandon, I have never found a body (which they did find in one of the storage units) or money (which they found taped to the back of a painting.)

I guess my hurricane souvenir glasses don't stack up against finding estate filling a storage unit or the world's most valuable comic book collection. But it is fun to watch along with wonder what could be in there and what is in there.

It also makes me wonder how many people are watching going, "oh, no! That is my storage unit!"

Turning the question to you, have you ever bid on a storage unit or an estate? What did you find? Or find anything unique just going through the basement or attic?

As for when I finally peeled myself away from the show after three hours, I did finish a task.

* * *

Welcome spring! Err...winter? Umm...sprinter?! Maybe Michigan is too anxious for the trees and flowers to start blossoming and a constant flow of warm air. How about throwing us a few 60 degree days, Mother Nature?