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Letter to the editor
McQuiston and Miller

April 20, 2011

Lake Orion Community Schools is a great school district that is also facing great challenges. The upcoming May 3rd school board election will determine the direction the district will take for the next four years. I believe that Birgit McQuiston and Melissa Miller are the candidates who will best guide the district through the challenges and successes of the future.

As a former Rochester School Board member during a time of fiscal uncertainty when Proposal A was enacted, I am familiar with the difficult financial decisions which the Lake Orion School Board will be facing. It is vital that all options be thoughtfully considered and only those which will cut costs while maintaining educational excellence be adopted.

Birgit McQuiston and Melissa Miller will bring a wide range of experience from both the business and school communities to the Lake Orion School Board. They have proven their knowledge of the issues which face Lake Orion Schools at both the local and state levels. They are the best candidates to guide Lake Orion through these uncertain times.

Gary D. Absher