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Letter to the editor
Lang equals leadership

April 20, 2011

Dear Editor,

I'd like to thank ONTV and the nine school board candidates who introduced themselves using YouTube this week.  Those introductions, as well as the interviews in March 16 edition of The Review gave the voters a good start in making important decisions for the May 3 election.  John Michalik's suggestion to look at corporate sources for funding, and Connie Meech's suggestion for renting, rather than buying,  quickly outdated technology were two of the types of specific ideas I was hoping to hear. 

I was disappointed, however, that none of the candidates touched on the subject on discontinuing the May elections.  All the candidates stated that they would be "fiscally responsible", but this is a real "rubber meets the road" issue. 

I would appreciate it if The Review would do a quick "phone in" or e-mail survey of the candidates on this issue and publish it before the election if at all possible.  Thanks for your help!

Carol Roughton

Editor's Note: Candidates, call us at 248-693-8331 to answer Carol's question. Thanks.