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Letter to the editor
More for Weaver, Wolverton

April 20, 2011

Dear Editor,

I am a supporter of Janet Wolverton, and Kelley Weaver for the upcoming school board election. I was one of the co-chairs for the most recent bond proposal, and while, I 100% believed in passing the bond to get our district to the level I believe our kids deserve, and most of the community wants to see, I also heard the cry to get there using a different path. Janet and Kelly see the need for changing school funding at the source.

While working on our current budget issues, I believe they have the knowledge and drive to work to change the very process of how we receive funding. I believe the best way to move our district to the new best we can be is a combination of new ideas, and fresh faces with the conservative knowledge that I believe Janet and Kelly have to offer.

After attending the last school board meeting I feel more strongly than ever, that our district has hard times ahead. I know that voting down the proposed teachers contract was a horrible choice to be faced with, but the board members have listened to the community, and realize that careful reevaluation of every aspect of our district's budget will be required to take on the upcoming funding challenges.

I know, from personal conversations with Janet and Kelly, that every staff member in our district is a valued member of this district. I also know that the #1 concern for both of these ladies is our children.

I will vote for Janet Wolverton, and Kelly Weaver for school board. They have the heart to protect and promote the needs of our kids.

Kim Keller