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Letter to the editor
Campbell for school board

April 20, 2011

Dear Editor,

We are so thankful for the education our children received at Lake Orion Community Schools.  We want this to continue for all the children that attend Lake Orion.  That is why on May 3 we will vote for Terrie Campbell. 

 When Terrie worked for LO District as a bus driver, she was our children's bus driver.  To be a bus driver you have to be a "special" person, compassionate, caring and putting the students safety and concerns first.  Terrie has all these qualities.   

In her job in labor relations she works with school budgets, contracts, negotiations and understands the mechanics of a school district, including funding and State and Federal mandates. She will bring to LO all of this knowledge and be an asset not only  as a Board Member but for the students at Lake Orion Schools.  Terrie's loyalty is to Lake Orion Community Schools, she understands and is up for the challenge that is facing all schools in Michigan. 

 Terrie wants only the best education possible for Lake Orion students and will serve the community as a School Board member to keep the education standards at their highest.

 As a community we need to keep informed and be informed to cast our vote on May 3.  We urge you to educate yourselves on all candidates and ask the questions that need to be asked.  We know Terrie will ask those questions and the students will be the beneficiaries of her knowledge, caring and compassion. Please vote on May 3, it does matter to the students and community of Lake Orion.

 Paul & Kathy Sandstrom