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Oxford Township
SYNOPSIS of April 13th, 2011 meeting

April 27, 2011




Of the Regular Meeting of the Charter Township of Oxford Board of Trustees held on April 13th, 2011 at the Oxford Veterans Memorial Civic Center.

PRESENT: Trustee Bellairs, Trustee Cryderman, Supervisor Dunn, Treasurer Ferrari, Trustee Spisz, Clerk Wright

ABSENT: Trustee Bunting

The following actions were taken:

Approved the agenda as presented.

Adopted the Resolution Congratulating the 2010-2011 Oxford Wildcat Wrestling Team on Their Division 1 Team State Wrestling Championship.

Approved allocating up to $2,000.00 from the Oxford Township Police Narcotics Fund to purchase an upgrade to the interview recording system at the OCSD Police substation.

Approved the Consent Agenda as presented.

Allowed watering of lawns from lakes and streams in Oxford Township and to have the Ordinance changed to reflect that; and to have the Ordinance Review subcommittee reword the Ordinance as such and to also add there will be no permit fee.

Allowed Supervisor Dunn and Trustee Spisz to further investigate the issues with well #1 at the Dunlap/Granger Road site; to have discussion with all parties involved; and to come back to the Board, no later than the May 11th meeting, with recommendations.

Authorized Supervisor Dunn and Trustee Spisz to allocate up to $105,000.00 for the Granger Road/Dunlap Road replacement well #1 and to have those funds come from the Oakland County Undesignated Retained Earnings fund which is held at the County.

Approved a 2011 budget amendment to open fund balance #101-000-402.000 for $18,000.00 and to add $18,000.00 to expense account #101-446-969.000 Highway/Road Maintenance.

Approved providing chloride service for 2011; on a 50% Township and 50% resident participation for individual orders on public gravel roads and to contract with Road Maintenance Corp. ($0.27/ft. for individual orders) and the Road Commission of Oakland County ($0.39/ft. for individual orders); with the Township contribution being allocated from account #101-446-969.000 Highway/Road Maintenance.

Adopted the contract related to the 2011 Seymour Lake Celebration fireworks display as presented.

Allocated the Township's $55,443.00 in Tri-Party funds for the 2011 year and previous years' balances for the purchase of gravel to be spread on Oxford Township Roads.

Approved purchasing 19 cases of Mosquito Dunks, 12x2 packs at $40.68 per case for $772.92 and 4 cases of Altosid XR Ingot Briquets at $657.80 per case for a total of $2,631.20, plus $45.00 for freight. The total project expenditure is $3,449.12 with $3,436.69 coming from the Oakland County West Nile Prevention Grant (account number 101-072.006) and $12.43 coming from the Oxford Township General Fund (account number 101-299-880.001).

Adopted the Resolution Authorizing the West Nile Virus Fund Expense Reimbursement Request as presented.

Approved that the Tri-Party Fund expenditure for the gravel road project in 2011 that the 1/3 split comes from the Oxford Township Roads Fund.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:28 p.m.

Curtis W. Wright

Oxford Township Clerk

300 Dunlap Road

P.O. Box 3

Oxford MI 48371

248-628-9787 #5

Publish: Oxford Leader: Week of 04/27/2011