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Dragons take second in Orion Invitational

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

April 27, 2011

Lake Orion's Varsity Baseball team pit their talent against Walled Lake Central and Dakota High Schools Saturday, coming away with one win and one loss in two games full of suspense.

The Dragons faced the Vikings of Walled Lake first, dominating the team with a 7-0 lead through the sixth inning. But the Vikings were ready to prove themselves formidable opponents, surging forth in the seventh inning to gather a surprising five runs. Though the Vikings would lose the game eventually, the nail bitting finish won't be forgotten soon.

The second game started out similarly, with the Green and White taking an early lead. Yet the Dakota Cougars followed each Lake Orion offensive closely, lurking behind the Dragons scorewise until the final inning. Each team had scored in every inning baring the fourth, and during the seventh inning, with bases loaded and the score tied for the first time, an unlucky pitch walked in Dakota's winning run.

The Dragon's also played on Monday against Athens High School, on Wednesday against Avondale, and will play again on Friday, April 29.

-- Gabe Ouzounian