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Music students earn honors in contests

May 04, 2011

Clarkston seventh- and eighth-grade musicians earned honors at the District 4 Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association Middle School Solo and Ensemble Festival, April 16 in Lake Orion.

Seventh graders earned 83 First Division Medals, with top scores in tone, intonation, rhythm, technique, and interpretation., and 52 Second Division Medals. First Division ratings include:

Samantha Starr, horn solo; Matthew Covert, baritone solo; Jeremy Piper, trombone solo; Zachary Keith, piano solo; Kiera Quigley, oboe solo; Airianna Butler, clarinet solo; Isabelle Merlo, flute solo; Allison Sikowski, bass clarinet solo; Keith Auchterlone, trombone solo; Olivia Baylis, clarinet solo; Carl Klein, percussion solo; Rebecca Stiles, clarinet solo; Emily Trombley, trombone solo; Kirkland Maguire, flute solo; Lyric Kusky, flute solo; Steven Bertolini, trumpet solo; Dylan Gray, percussion solo; Dawson Holloway, tuba solo; Matthew Netherland, trumpet solo; Madison Balkany, clarinet solo; Abbey Kuhn, clarinet solo; Kevin McCarty and Maddie Davis, clarinet duet; Lynnsey Polish, John Giolitti, Mark Stout, brass trio; Madeline Peterson and Airianna Butler, clarinet duet; Mark Stout, Benjamin Ehrhard, Nate Hyde , brass trio; Kyle Dunlap, Jon Gilolitti, Trevor Chamberlain, Mark Stout, Dawson Halloway, Zachary Evans, brass sextet; Matthew Covert and John Giolitti, baritone duet; Abbey Kuhn and Berkley Bretschneider, woodwind duet; Evan Scott, Benjamin Ehrhard, Matthew Netherland, brass trio; Nathan Hyde, Kaitlyn Cavallo, Kristen Abraham, Jacob Kersten, Kiera Quigley, woodwind quintet; Nichole Hurst and Lyric Kusky, flute duet; Hannah Agnew and Brady Bentler, percussion duet; Natalia Gergle and Allison Lindquist, flute duet; Andrew Lemieux, Jared Harper, Cameron Pawlik, Michael Baker, saxophone quartet; David Nelson and Alexis Haselwanter, saxophone duet; Sadie Knill, Erin McNeil, Claire Pawlowski, wind trio; Jared Harper and Lyric Kusky, woodwind duet; Amanda Beaune, violin solo; Megan Nicholson and Amanda Beaune, violin duet; Haley Patton, Colleen Moore, Kiersten Blaga, string trio; Victoria Wolf and Michelle Bacher, string duet; Michelle Bacher and Ashley Yamanoha, string duet; Amanda Beaune and Kelsey Catania, string duet; Sam Mead,. Elizabeth Hampton, John Raymo, and Michael McCarty, string quartet; Evan Tackabury, violin solo; Mathew Hart and Hannah Grindling, string duet; and Elizabeth Hampton and Amy Brozovich, violin duet.

Eighth-grade students earned 51 First Division Medals and 12 Second Medals. First Division includes:

Tyler Neal, Clarinet Solo; Kira Suzak, Flute Solo; James Klein, Tenor Sax Solo; Charlie Steupert, Horn Solo; Jake Vanderheyden, Alto Sax Solo; Emily Chartrand, Clarinet Solo; Colin Coppersmith, Horn Solo; Malcolm Hill, Percussion Solo; Kiera Woodward, Trumpet Solo; Alex Lies, Trumpet Solo; Jenny Lussenhop, Trombone Solo; Tyler Neal, Gracie Fallis, Clarinet Duet; Ashley Peters, Alex Bradsher, Brass Duet; Charlie Steupert, Ashley Peters, Horn Duet; Malcolm Hill, Thomas Lowe, Percussion Duet; Josephine Auchterlonie, Keith Auchterlonie, Mixed Duet; Josephine Auchterlonie, Rebecca Didion, Woodwind duet; Ryan Zittel, Zach Owczarzak, Michael Abraham, Sax Trio; Hunter McLaren, Jade Beauregard, Caitlin Yaroch, Clarinet Trio; Emily Kelly, Jessica Parsons, Kiersten Novak, Alena Jordan, Woodwind Quartet; Emily Kelly, Jessica Parsons, Gracie Fallis, Tyler Neal, Clarinet Quartet; Jakob Limbert, A.C. Bendle, Rob Dalka, Ian Bischoff, Kiera Woodward, Brass Quintet, Josh Zawadzki, Meredith Turner, Jayme Shepard, Julia Rambeau, Tommy Hickey, Percussion Quintet; Christian Keer, Shane Sundell, Daniel Mattise, Nick Melekian, Jeff Ylvisaker, string quintet; Ayah Alghanem, violin solo; and Josh Ward and Mitchell Kozlowicz, string duet.

Also, the Treble Choir from Clarkston Junior High received the highest rating at Michigan School Vocal Music Association Choral Festival in March.

The Mixed Combined Choir received Division I (Outstanding) rating in sight reading. The judges had some nice comments on the musicality achieved as they sang 3 and 4-part a cappella harmony for both of their selections.

CJH Choirs perform their Spring Concert, Thursday, May 19, at 7 p.m., highlighting the music of the Beatles with the backing of a 4-piece professional band.