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Band thanks for London help
Marching Band thanks to local businesses for help with their London trip

May 04, 2011

Julie Goldberg, Clarkston High junior, thanks Dr. Dayne Rogers.
Dear sponsors,

Thank you to The Clarkston News and advertising sponsors for the Clarkston High School Marching Band insert for supporting our 2010-2011 London trip.

The trip to London was amazing. Some of my favorite places to visit during the trip were the National History Museum and seeing the dinosaur exhibit there.

Another place that was my favorite to see was the Dover Castle, even though the bus ride there and back was really long. We saw the play "Wicked," which was really cool to watch for the first time ever. Out of everything we did during those eight days, my favorite part was definitely marching in the New Year's parade. Marching in front of a million people was amazing and marching around the city of London made the parade even better. A moment to remember forever!

Thank you again for supporting the Clarkston High School Marching Band.

Julie Goldberg

Junior, alto saxophone