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Classroom becomes a zoo of knowledge

by Wendi Reardon

May 04, 2011

Tony Jerome reads about Grizzly Bears with Ethan Brock, left, and Spence Jerome. Photo by Wendi Reardon
The first-grade classrooms at Pine Knob Elementary were transformed into zoos on Friday.

It was the end of a project the students began in February. They wrote a non-fiction book about a animal, created the animal and its habitat.

While working on the project they used information they found from research and what they learned when they visited the Detroit Zoo.

They learned all they could about their animals including how they move, what body parts they have, what they need to survive and what habitat they live in.

The students, who's animal shared the same habitat, worked together to create the habitat.

Then, they brought in items from home they could use to make their habitat like sand for the desert or cotton balls for arctic snow.

They finished putting together the zoos just in time on Friday as parents and students from other classes walked around and visited the different sites - the rainforest, woodlands, desert, ocean, antartic, mountains and savannah.

They read their books and information they found on their animal to their parents before going to other classrooms to visit their zoos.

The project incorporated reading, writing, science, math and working in a group.