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Athlete of the Week
Hastings a hit on the diamond

by Nick Loomis

May 11, 2011

Megan Hastings
How does one compare sports as diverse as softball and basketball? Just ask junior Megan Hastings, who actively participates in both varsity teams.

"In basketball you rely on your teammates more on the court, but in softball a lot has to do with off-the-field activities and how well we support each other," explained Hastings.

"Softball is much more of an individual based sport," she continued. "Although, if you don't have the help of your teammates then you won't get anywhere on the field."

The off-the-field activity the girls on the Clarkston Girls Varsity Softball team participated in included going to Spring Hill this past March.

"It was a great bonding experience held right after tryouts to get the team together and the new girls introduced to the rest of the team," said Hastings.

The girls most recent victory was winning the Alma tournament during the weekend.

"I like both sports equally as much, but I usually prefer the one I'm playing at the time," said Hastings. "Although I do love being outside for softball."

Megan has had a few colleges contact her about both sports but hasn't made any decisions on whether she wants to play in college yet.

"Even though these two sports take up a lot of my time during the school year, my school work always comes first to me," said Hastings, who is in the CSMtech program.