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Trump’s trump prompts rebirth of birth question

by Jim Sherman, Sr.

May 11, 2011

Adage of yore:

"A man convinced against his will,

is of the same opinion still."

In 2008 Barack Hussein Obama released a short form certificate of his birth in 1961.

Following Donald Trump's loud demand, "I want to see Obama's birth certificate!" President Obama sent his personal counsel Judith Corley to Hawaii to get certified copies of his birth certificate.

The Washington Press Corp, ABC, CBS, NBC NPR and two guys named Mo were invited to review the certificate.

Of the millions of voters who believed Obama was born in Kenya, how many do you think changed their minds?

We were told to believe a certificate of birth is the same as a birth certificate.

And little miss Muffet kept sitting on her tuffet.

The only ones convinced against their will are those seeking White House favors.

Which brings me to another comment: "Government will always do the right thing, after they have exhausted all other possibilities."

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And ads on the tube from Poise, prompts me to suggest the censurers be returned to the airways.

Poise' slogan, "every great woman deserves a great pad," ain't talking about a nice condo.

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Had a way too long, and too expensive 3-way conversation with a lawyer and an insurance company. The company had promised a check weeks ago.

My attorney asked me to stay on the line as he tried to resolve the issue. And, here's the point of this issue.

Seems many more companies are employing dialectics to talk to customers.

The insurance company involved in Hazel's estate is in Minnesota. No telling where the finance arm is located, but the dialect wasn't Swedish.

At $250 an hour for the attorney, I wanted a quick decision. I got: "Please hold" five times. Understanding the gal in Minn. wasn't easy. After the five holds, the gal who first answered our call came back and asked us to have a nice day.

More and more "cold callers" (sellers of stocks, etc.) are dialectic. It doesn't take long to disconnect. What takes time is for me to get over it.

Talk clear American, please!

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Stop the world. I want to get off. Things are going by too fast. April got by me before I saluted toads and frogs. April is National Frog Month.

So, here's to Kermit, etal, from Devin

Edmonds new handbook, "Frogs and Toads."

• All toads are frogs. But all of them start out as tadpoles.

• They come in all sizes - some big enough to eat snakes and birds, and others small enough to hide behind a grain of rice.

• It's not easy being green, so they come in lots of colors. The Pac-Man frog, for instance is vividly yellow, like the video game character.

• They can live longer than a dog or cat, some up to 36 years.

• They won't give you warts or turn you into a handsome prince.

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Misery is: buying a sports car and discovering your bucket is bigger than the seat bucket.

-- your waist measurement keeping up with your age.

-- going to a costume party as a bubble dancer and finding your date is going as a porcupine.

And, misery is: going to an American Legion stag film and finding out its a story of Bambi's father.