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Letter to the editor
School funding

May 18, 2011

Dear Editor,

This is written in response to your request for feedback on school funding.

Your article ("Cuts too deep, schools say," May 11) attributes a statement to Gov. Snyder that Michigan ranks 21st in expenditures per pupil yet only 39th and 34th in fourth grade math and reading proficiency. This implies an expected correlation between funding and proficiency, presumably, "the more you spend the better the proficiency." If such a correlation exists, then I am left to assume that Gov. Snyder is cutting school funding so that our students become less proficient.

I would love to give our CHS AP Statistics students a chance to work with the referenced data set. As a class project, they could analyze and disaggregate the data to see if there is correlation and statistical significance; see if patterns are repeated at other grade level performance events; look at Clarkston Community Schools compared to state and national cost performance models. In doing so, they would demonstrate that CCS produces minds ready to take on the challenges of the world, not just empty sound bites.

Tom Creech

Independence Township