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Letter to the editor
Flower fair fun dampened by construction

May 18, 2011

Dear Edtior,

Recently we had the misfortune to attend the downtown Lake Orion Flower Show. In past years this event had been one of the hallmarks of the area. Vendor booths with myriad items lined the streets and throngs of residents mingled throughout the day enjoying the sights and sounds and stores along the route. Not so anymore!

The entire town is surrounded by blockades and if you somehow amble into the main street you run the risk of tripping over cement walkways, gravel and construction equipment. Mice have any easier time going through a lab experiment!

Businesses in the downtown area were almost void of customers. The many vendor booths that dotted the area in the past were a distant past. And I give credit to those vendors who were there hoping that past memories of successful weekends would somehow reappear but alas it was not to be!

Articles in the local newspaper describe businesses with structural damage due to the constant pounding of the construction equipment. And the pounding and confusion is enough to discourage customers from even entering the area.

What ever happened to a sound-planning program when it comes to upgrading and reinventing a downtown area? Calling this a disaster zone barley broaches the condition one encounters when coming into the downtown area. I'm reminded of all the hoops Village management demanded the owners of the Sagebrush Cantina had to encounter during their rebuilding several years ago. Where are the same demands for this ill-timed, ill-conceived project?

Perhaps when construction is completed we will all marvel at the beauty of the downtown area but right now it is a deterrent to business, a deterrent to customers, and a deterrent to anyone hoping to take in the sights and sounds of what was once a bustling, vibrant area! Whoever planned and approved this debacle should be compelled to hang a sign around their neck proclaiming: "Sorry for my lack of planning prowess", and wander the streets of town!

Bill Kalmar

Lake Orion MI