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Keiserís Role A column by Trevor Keiser
Thrill ride weekend

by Trevor Keiser

May 25, 2011

This past weekend I went to Cedar Point with my girlfriend Noell and her family. It was her younger sister Hannah's birthday and a trip to Cedar Point was what she requested for her birthday present.

Well, let me tell you,the last time I went to Cedar Point I think I might have been 10-12 years old and the most intense rides I rode were the Corkscrew and the Blue Streak.

I've never been a huge rollercoaster fan. Perhaps it's because I remember as little kid going and my dad having to hold me down because I could just stand up and walk right out of seat even with the bar down. It could also be that I have a little fear of heights.

I don't mind flying in planes or standing at the top of the St. Louis Arch and looking out. But going 70 plus miles per hour at 200 plus feet in the air isn't really my cup of tea.

Being it's been over 10 years since I've been to Cedar Point, I was determined to conquer my fears and take on some of the big rides.

My girlfriend thought the Raptor would be a good one to get my feet wet. While the ride got my stomach to drop a few times and my heart rate up, I felt fine once the ride was over. and thought "that one was pretty fun."

Taking a break from the thrill ride, Noell and I rode one of the easy going spinny rides that you go on at fairs. Next, we decided to go on the Magnum, which had set records when it first opened in 1989, and would seem to some as child's play who ride the Millineum Force and the Dragster. But to me it was like facing Goliath.

As I waited the 45 minutes in line I was fine, I got to the top and stood on the platform and looked up at the first major drop. I wanted to run and hide. As we got in our seats I gripped on for my dear life and had my eyes closed most of the time. It was about five minutes after the ride had ended I started to speak in full sentences.

Not to be overcome by fear I rode the Gemini as my last ride of the day. Perhaps one day I will be able to push my self to the next level and go on the Millineum Force and the Dragster. For now I am content to say, "I rode the Magnum."