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High schooler creates his own music

May 25, 2011

Many individual talents are lost in a high school with such a large population.

However, one student that shouldn't go unnoticed any longer is Clarkston High School senior Conor Barkey and his uncanny ability to play guitar.

Barkey started playing guitar two years ago and has now written over six of his own songs.

"My dad is big into indie music, so I started listening to it. That's kind of what I base my music off of," said Barkey.

He started playing piano when he was 6 but says he hated it and switched to guitar when he got one for his sixteenth birthday.

"I've taught myself everything I know about music," said Barkey. "It's all I do in my spare time."

When Barkey played piano, he admits to having taken lessons for a short period of time. He uses some of the skills acquired from these lessons when playing guitar.

"I honestly don't think guitar lessons would help me at all because I already have music theory from piano, and I like the way I play guitar," said Barkey.

His family has also been a major influence in his musical abilities.

"My dad and uncle always played music when I was younger so I took after them," said Barkey.

Next year he is attending Oakland Community College and doesn't know idea what he wants to study.

"It'd be awesome if I could continue to produce music after high school," said Barkey.

He currently has several music videos on Facebook he created and produced.