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Memorial Day is a day to . . .

May 25, 2011

Weather concerns aside, Memorial Day is the historic start of getting outside and doing stuff the kickoff to summer fun with family and friends. And, that is all fine and dandy we would like to remind folks, however, to take a moment and reflect about Memorial Day.

Take a moment to thank those made this these days possible if you see a veteran, take a moment to say, "thank you." Tell your children what this holiday is about. If you are not sure yourself, we suggest reading Jim's Jottings, on the next page. A veteran of World War 2, Jim Sherman, Sr., former publisher of The Lake Orion Review, has it down succinctly we don't need to repeat him!

We hope everybody makes it out to the annual Memorial Day parade and to the ceremony afterwards. Have a safe holiday and remember what the day is about dpr