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Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio
Civil War

by Phil Custodio

June 01, 2011

Good turnout at the American Legion Post 63's Memorial Day ceremony at Lakeview Cemetery it was nice and sunny for a change.

Excellent work by organizers and participants. I liked the flyover by two A-10 jet fighters. I suppose they had a route, to "hit" as many Memorial Day ceremonies as possible. They probably planned it like a combat mission.

Veterans and their families and friends appreciate local ceremonies. It's a time to remember those who gave their lives for America, and also those who didn't.

Serving in the armed forces is a sacrifice, in war and peace.

I served seven months in Saudi Arabia and Iraq in 1990-1991. The First Gulf War was short, just about four days. The four months of nothing leading up to it were a bit tedious, though, as were the three months of nothing after it.

My nephew spent seven months in Iraq in 2009. Those seven months seemed to go much faster.


Nice to see some history on the History Channel.

It's Civil War Week on the History Channel. All of it's "history" programs have a Civil War theme Pawn Stars are haggling over Civil War relics, American Pickers are digging through collectors' piles of Civil War stuff. I suppose the Ice Road Truckers will be hauling some stuff through Dixieland, or something.


Speaking of the Civil War, how about the Independence Township Board?

The latest flap is about a reference to Supervisor Dave Wagner in last week's "Building director suspended 60 days..." story, talking to the labor attorney about a bonus given to the building director.

According to the supervisor, the attorney said there was no obligation for the building director to pay the money back, and doing so would admit guilt. Trustees said the attorney denied saying such a thing. Lots of disappointment going around, in the supervisor for saying it and the Clarkston News for printing it.

Looking at the attorney's email, it's not clear to me what he said it's one of those, I-didn't-say-it-but-if-I-did-I-meant-something-else kind of thing. And he had no comment when we finally did give him a call, so no help there.