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Ortonville Village
May 23, 2011 Meeting Synopsis

June 01, 2011

Village of Ortonville

Brandon Township Offices

395 Mill Street

Ortonville Village Council meeting

May 23, 2011 Synopsis

Trustees Present: Waters, Champion, Skornicka, Eschmann, Peters, Wills

Absent: Baker (with notice)

1) Approved the agenda as presented.

2) Approved the minutes of the April 25, 2011 Village Council meeting

3) Accepted:

Treasurer's Report – May 2011

Brandon Fire Department Expenditures –April 2011

Cable Account Expenditures – May 2011

Ortonville Planning Commission Minutes – April 5, 2011

Brandon Township Regular Meeting Minutes – April 4, 2011

4) Approved disbursements in the amount of $13,735.91

5) Approved the Motion to purchase and installation of five pet waste pick-up stations as presented along with replacement bags as necessary.

6) Approved the Motion to form a Parks Committee as suggested by Trustee Champion with Council Trustee Peters and Waters having a seat on that committee.

7) Approved the Motion to accept the proposal from Rowe Engineering to perform Design Engineering Services for Pond Street Reconstruction and to include Varsity Drive and James Street in the bid and permitting as described for a total of $6300.00.

8) Adopted the Resolution Declaring Public Purposes for the Transfer of 21 Church Street.

9) Approved the Motion to grant Ed Coy the authority to complete the remaining transactions regarding the transfer of 21 Church Street on behalf of the Village.

10) Received an update from the Village Manager noting his retirement August 31, 2011.

11) Meeting Adjourned at 8:02 p.m.

Posted by Heidi Barckholtz, Village of Ortonville Clerk. A full copy of the minutes are available at the Clerk's office located at 476 Mill Street, PO BOX 928, Ortonville, Michigan 48462 or on the Village Website @

Publish in The Citizen 5-28-11