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Meet The Review’s ‘nearly’ unpaid intern

June 01, 2011

Meet Katelyn Crain
While sitting here trying to write this, I'm struggling with something clever to say about myself. The more I think about being clever, the more I realize I'm just your typical person. I procrastinate with almost everything I do, I'll never pass up a shopping trip, I think dogs rule and cats drool, and I'll laugh at pretty much anything.

I never thought I would be writing something that would be published in an established town's local newspaper. Anyways, not until a couple months ago.

I started at Ferris State University as a Science Major just two short years ago. With each Biology and Chemistry course, along with every exam, it became clear to me that I was no Albert Einstein in the making. I eventually realized that my true passion was for writing, and when a passion feels like this, I've figured out it's something you have to pursue. Through a journalism class I took last spring, I was fortunate enough to land a job writing for the university newspaper - The Torch. I mean, how much luckier could I get?

So here I am, home for the summer -- trying my hand at something new. I hope this opportunity will help you, Lake Orion, learn something new about the well known place you all live in.

And as that task is taken on, I know you will help me continue to learn something new about myself.

Editor's Note: Katelyn will work on a wide-range of articles. We intend to give her a real education. She'll have to do some of the tedious stuff, like researching and writing, "Looking Back;" we plan to have her conduct interviews and write features and she'll write a government story and business feature, taboot! Treat her nice and show her what a wonderful community Lake Orion is. -- dpr