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Problem pregnancy, abortion real problem

June 01, 2011

Dear Editor,

(In response to Brandon yearbook ad sparks controversy, The Citizen, May 28, page 4)

If the ad been worded differently for the Pregnancy Center, this outrage could have been prevented. I strongly believe that the type of business wasn't really the issue for the parents making the complaints. It seems the use of the terms "problem pregnancy" and "abortion" was the real problems. I am a teacher and a parent, neither one in Brandon schools, and feel that anyone who thinks unplanned pregnancy isn't a problem with teens is living in a fantasy world. My opinion on the comment if one is "old enough to engage in casual sex… have been educated on the consequences … should deal with the outcome" implies that teenagers are "old enough" to have sex, that they have been educated AND fully understand consequences, which is not the case. Unplanned pregnancy services offer education about pregnancy and the choices a female has regarding that pregnancy therefore making the ad very relevant to some high school children. The ad could have said something more like, "Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, we offer counseling and information", but in all reality here, we are a nation faced with millions of teen pregnancies every year. The majority of which end with that girl and her child living in poverty and on welfare. Another reality is that not all children receive the proper information about sex and its consequences at home and what is allowed/available in schools is limited as well, leaving them to learn on their own, frequently too late to prevent the consequences. If Trojan had offered ad space I would hope that the school would have accepted it, just like I hope the school doesn't leave out the pregnancy center in the future. It isn't telling kids it's okay to have sex, it is telling them if you are going to have sex do it safely and smartly, protect yourself from disease and unwanted pregnancy, and if you are faced with that pregnancy come to the experts to find out your options. I wonder if the same outrage would have been expressed if it had been an HIV/AID/STI counseling center ad?

Tracy Butcher