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City search for new treasurer

by Trevor Keiser

June 08, 2011

With Kimberly Howe resigning from City of the Village of Clarkston at the end of May, this town needs a new treasurer.

"We're very disappointed that she had to leave, but we fully understand the reason. She found a well paying full-time job that had benefits, which were very crucial to her family," said City Manager Dennis Ritter. "In that regard we're very happy for her and her family."

Howe took over as city clerk and treasurer in January after former Clerk/Treasurer Jan Gillespie retired. Howe submitted a resignation letter in March in response to postings on Councilman Richard Bisio's Facebook page, which she felt were "personal attacks" on her work. Howe agreed to stay on as treasurer if the city found a replacement for clerk. The city hired Kelly Richter to take over as clerk in April.

Ritter is confident they will receive a "fair number" of applicants.

"We've looked over the applicants that applied for the clerk's position and there are a few in there we want to talk to because their strength was in accounting," he said. "(Also) municipal experience is obviously very important."

Ritter said they received about 75 applications when they advertised for clerk, but a third of them were late.

"We had a good 50 we were able to go through," he said.

Ritter said he talked with Gillespie and she agreed to be the treasurer temporarily until the position is filled.

"Jan's pay will be the same as Kim was receiving (salary, $14,500 a year)," he said. "She'll be paid as an independent contractor."

Mayor Joe Luginski said Gillespie is a good temporary solution because she is familiar with the job.