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Road rage, alcohol and pot on Silverbell

June 08, 2011

A road rage incident was reported at Silverbell and Joslyn roads when a red car made an abrupt stop in a roadway on June 4. The sudden stop nearly caused a collision with a tan SUV, whose driver emerged from the vehicle yelling with his hands tightened into fists.

The Oakland County deputy observing the incident turned on his overhead lights, causing the SUV driver to retreat into his car. After interviewing the driver of the red car, a strong smell of intoxicants was detected on his breath causing the deputy to handcuff the suspect after a brief struggle.

After support arrived to search the driver of the red car, the deputy approached the SUV only to observe a woman get out of the passenger side crying and visibly upset.

She said the red car had been stopping abruptly several time trying to provoke a fight with her husband and she was scared because of her three children in the car. She said they were just trying to get home. Police searched the car to find a bag of marijuana and a toy plastic gun.

The driver of the red car said he was worried about the SUV following him because the driver looked angry after he had passed them on I-75. He said he was stopping to allow them to pass. The driver of the red car was arrested after blowing a .15 BAC, while the driver of the SUV was issued a citation for possession of marijuana.