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Letter to the editor
Selection process questioned

June 08, 2011

Dear Editor,

Why did the Orion Township Board accept applications for Township Supervisor and put the applicants through the charade of an interview? It was very evident, after the interview process was finished, that they were not considering any of the applicants except the two who were already on the board.

According to the state law the board had the right to appoint the position to which ever they chose. Why not just appoint JoAnn Van Tassel without putting the others through the hoopla? They did not have to take applications.

Before my husband, David, submitted his application, he called two of the board members to see if they would support him. Both told him they were supporting JoAnn. Their minds were made up before Matt Gibb resigned. This whole saga Thursday night was just to make it look like they were being fair. I felt very sorry for some of the applicants. You knew from their answers, they had put hours of preparation and thought into being ready to answer the questions.

The intent of this letter is not against JoAnn Van Tassel being chosen. It is against the whole board for putting the others through the interviews when they had no intention of choosing one of them.

We, the people, should contact their state representatives to change the law to allow the people in the township to have a vote.

Linda Hodges